Review Excerpts

"A wonderful historical romance.
For lovers of historical romance,
this is a book that should be on
your shelf."
--Coffeetime Romance
Draegon's Lair

"She [Linda Ciletti] has a wonderful
medieval writing voice. Just perfect
for telling tales of knights in shining
armor coming to the aid of
damsels in distress."
Romance Readers at Heart
Draegon's Lair

"Linda Ciletti has created a powerful
love story. It will leave you anxious
for the turn of each page...I would
highly recommend this novel to any
romance enthusiast."  
Draegon's Lair

"I am in complete awe...prepare to
be swept away. Among the best
medievals I've read."
Draegon's Lair

"A timeless story of passion, love
and destiny."  
--Historical Romance Club
Draegon's Lair

A wonderful historical full of
romance, passion and mystery.
Phenomenal. Gets harder and harder
to put down."
--Rogues and Romance
Draegon's Lair

"One of the best medievals I've
read. Well done, Ms. Ciletti,
well done."
--Ann B. Keller, author of
Briggen, on Draegon's Lair

"A wonderful book with realistic
and colorful characters."
--Coffeetime Romance

"Kept me glued to the pages. Read
this story for a fabulous evening's
entertainment. Lose yourself in the
adventures of a lifetime as the past
meets the present and good
overcomes evil."
--Cata Network

An exceptional tale of good vs.
evil. A beautifully written romantic
tale in keeping with the original
French romances of old."
--Conger Book Reviews

"Gripping tale. Took my breath
away. A superb tale that shouldn't
be missed."
--Between the Lines
Rated Fantastic Read

"An exciting historical romance
from the period of Robin Hood with
many twists and turns along
the way."
--Amazon Review, James Neill
Dream of the Archer

"An original storyline that captures
the imagination and provides a good
sense of the historical context. The
characters are charming and
loveable and my attention was
quickly engaged."
--Amazon Review, N. Gail Jude
Dream of the Archer
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Virtual Life!  Not just a game.
Virtual Life (Second Life, InWorldz, and other open source virtual worlds) can be
many things to many people. You can role play, you can hang out and meet people,
you can conduct business/writer meetings, talk in audio, and you can promote (to
name a few). I do a little of each of those and I've met some wonderful people in the
writing, technology, and arts communities. To date, I had an author interview filmed
in Second Life and I podcasted my short story
The Hunger through a podcasting
friend. Through another friend, that same short story was published in an anthology
The Wickeds. I also do occasional readings in world. On my land in InWorldz,
I placed a bookstore where residents can go and browse, click on a displayed book,
and be transported to that author's website or Amazon page. How much does this
cost? That's up to you. You can spend money if you wish to upgrade your avatar or
want a place to call home, but generally, you can join and exist quite easily without
spending a cent. The two worlds I frequent are Second Life where I am known as
FayreScribe Starsider and InWorldz where I am known as Fayre Scribe. Look me
up if you join.
Howard David Johnson
Artist & Illustrator
Need a book cover?  Check out the fantastic art of
Howard David Johnson
Dream of the Archer, Medieval Time Travel